Monday, June 26, 2017

If you suffer from itchy. dry winter skin, don’t despair. Moisturizer isn’t the only answer. In fact a lot of people slather on the moisturizer more than normal and find no comfort. Why? Because it’s surface and putting on more won’t always necessarily help. Try adding humidity to the mix and oil rich products to your diet.

First if you run a humidifier in your home that will help greatly especially if you are a heat cranker upper. Also if you are someone who loves crazy high electric heat in the winter months, take heed. This can cause your skin to not only itch but the membranes in your nasal passages to dry out which is never good. So crack a window if you can even though it’s not so energy conscious. Also if you take Omega supplements regularly, now is not the time to slack. Avocado and flax seed are also great choices. And when really in a pinch, dab a little coconut oil on a make up pad and rub all over the dry patches. Happy Winter you all – stay glowing as the temps dip!