Eyebrows can make or break your whole look. Did you know they change the look of your whole face? It’s true. Go back and look at some of your fave celebs through the years and look at the eyebrows. It’s everything. OK so if you want the celeb brow, here are some tips.

First go to your most fave makeup counter and purchase an eyeshadow primer. You will use to prep your brows. You will also need a felt brow pen. Now use the primer – it’s self explanatory but if you don’t know how to use, read the directions. Get a brow pen that is most closely aligned with your hair color. Now draw the brows. Start at the inner tip. You can draw hair lines to fill in the brow but basically, trace your brow line. OK blend it. Now the bonus, use a brow highlighter right under the eye brow at the outer edge. You are flawless! Time to go out and make your ex jelous!


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