Monday, June 26, 2017

You have worked so hard all year to get into top shape. You dieted, stayed away from cupcakes, drank water – the whole nine. Don’t sabotage it all during the holidays. Does that mean you have to deprive yourself? Absolutely not. But arm yourself. You do not have to wake up from your food coma on January 1st thinking, “Why can’t I fit into my pants?” Here are a few tips.

Drink a ton of soda water before and during the meals. It will fill you up and won’t allow you to cram in so much food.

DON’T take the holiday days off from your workout. Here is why. If you work out, you stay in the mode of “do I want that?” If you throw all caution to the wind, you are just in permanent indulgence. Also at least if you work out and you eat too much, you have counter balanced doing so much damage.

You don’t HAVE to try every dessert. If you are tempted, cut 1/3 of a piece of each.

Enjoy your food and the festivities but play it smart. Otherwise you will undo all that you have done in the 9 months before getting sucked into holiday over indulging.