Monday, June 26, 2017

What happens to your skin you don’t remove your makeup?

You went to the club. You drank and you don’t have the energy to remove your makeup. But you may want to think that over. Ever heard of anti-oxidants? Well anti-oxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals are essentially pollutants that get in your cells. When you don’t remove your makeup you mess with your cell renewal from all that bacteria and nastiness. This can mean premature aging, zits and splotchy skin.

When we sleep, skin renewal is in full swing. When you don’t wash your face, you don’t of the top layer of dead cells essentially stopping renewal. Ick. What’s left, dull, dry skin. So unfortunately, your mom wasn’t just being annoying when she said, “Wash your face before bed.”

If you don’t believe me, an article on gives you the dirty skinny straight from the doctor. Dr. James C. Marotta with GoodHouseKeeping. says:

Sleeping in your makeup can increase your exposure to free radicals (which makeup attracts during the day), leading to collagen breakdown and skin that ages faster.