Monday, June 26, 2017

The 57-year-old actress and longtime international sex symbol posted on her Instagram page this week a photo of herself hanging out with a dog, while wearing no makeup, and looking gorgeous. She also wears her blond hair pulled back off her face with a headband and is dressed casually in a gray sweater.

“Doing my emails with Joe on this rainy day. #SharonStone,” the caption read.

Stone has often turned heads on the red carpet with her glamorous looks but is also sometimes spotted looking fresh-faced while out running errands.


Sharon Stone, No MakeupGrant Lamos IV/Getty Images; Instagram

Stone also appeared au naturel, in the naked sense, in a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot last year.

She also threw a bone to her pet pup who posed up with her, captioning the image: ‘Doing my emails with Joe on this rainy day.’

The Sliver favourite ran the risk of being overshadowed by her adorable pooch, but there is no doubt she more than held her own in the adorable photograph.

Some cynics may complain about the fact that she was using her hands to pull back the skin on her face, or that the stark lighting left the image looking slightly washed out.

But there were definitely still flashes of the old magic that led Basic Instinct writer Joe Eszterhas to call her ‘the greatest American sex symbol since Marilyn Monroe’ and the ‘ripest of ripe peaches, the apotheosis of the curvy, beauty pageant blond.’

Following her medical crisis, Stone’s marriage fell apart and she lost custody of her adopted son Roan. She also walked away from the hospital not knowing how to read, making her job of memorizing lines that much more difficult. One low point involved a guest-starring role on Law & Order, in which she couldn’t remember her lines. The Basic Instinct actress says that was her wake up call.

But nothing was going to stop her from staging an epic comeback.


Sharon in “Basic Instinct”