Monday, June 26, 2017

Have bad breath and you are no where near a tooth brush and tooth paste. Here are quick fixes if you are at a power lunch or a first date.

You can make your own breath spray by adding 3 drops of peppermint essential oil to water in a spray bottle. Then you can carry this easy mixture in your purse. But if you don’t have and you are in a pinch do the following…

Rinse your mouth with water. Honestly it helps – the drier the mouth the more you get that stinky bacteria.

Find a swig of parsley – usually accompanies a sandwich or a cinnamon stick in your coffee – chew. Best if you can find an orange or lemon peel. Eat a piece – bad breath be gone.

Also a scrape the top of your tongue with a spoon – it will remove any bacteria. And believe it or not, eating something else will stimulate saliva glands and change your breath. Last but not least, ask someone for a mint. If you are at a power lunch easy or ask for a mint leaf. But if worse comes to worse, drink water. Oh and NEVER skip meals. You may be thinner but your breath will stink!