Monday, June 26, 2017

Aside from apple body types, pear shaped body types often have the hardest time figuring out how to work it. Pear shaped are fuller at the bottom and narrower at the top with well defined waists. It can be difficult to figure out what looks good because often when you shop at teen stores the designers fit for skinny and broad shoulder. You are definitely all woman.

The first tip: Always accentuate your waist. Add volume to shoulders to give yourself a wider upper frame.

A-line is always good. Wide leg pants and pointed toe shoes with lengthen the leg. Wear light colored tops and darker bottom choices. Jackets should hit right above the waist.

Now you are a star like Kim Kardashian who is classicly pear shaped but has a gorgeous body. Strut yourself, you have gone from pear to perfection!