Monday, June 26, 2017

Wish you could afford the looks at The Golden Globes last night? Well you might not be able to but you can take some cues and tips. If you want to  know what is sort of trending this season, note that there was a lot of metallic, a lot of princess gowns and a lot of pinks and canary yellows. So if you can’t exactly afford the expensive looks, you can do accents of what is hot. H&M sells some really hip metallic pants. hmprodOf course you can’t wear these twice in a month but hey pull them out for a Valentine’s bash. Any thrift store in any town in America has beautiful princess dresses. haileelavender-leadLilly Collins and Hailee Steinfeld set the tone here – just think pastel and super feminine. And lastly, if you like the easy, laid back, cool vibe of Emma Stone, you can actually do the loose boho chic hair style she wore. A low bun with the front strands sort of loosely hanging out. But if you take nothing away, the women were made up very lightly and naturally. So the take-away, let your inner beauty shine through and you are all set!