Monday, June 26, 2017

OK the debate continues.  My friends and I have very strong opinions on nail art. It can either be a really tacky, epic fail or it can be super chic. Here’s my take on it. You have to be edgy and specific but avoid themes. Like OK we get it, it’s July 4th but your nails don’t have to be ten American flags. I think you should go mostly classic but occasionally, it can be hot. cool-nail-art-designs-1So what is specific – maybe you are playing out for the first time at a night club, your first music gig, yeah OK a throwback Studio 54 vibe on the nails could be cool. You might also do color blocks like if you want to go for a super 60s MOD vibe or a flower child vibe, maybe black and white gingham checkers. Or if you are feeling the a Madonna vibe, you could go super 80s. easy-nail-art-designs-using-scotch-tapeStill my rule – edgy and specific or you risk SUPER CHEESY. And that spells epic fail. I think all of these nail art designs from cool art design are very cool. Keep it simple and stay EDGE!