Monday, June 26, 2017

Younger millennials are even more fashion savvy than than their older sisters it seems – if that is possible. Not satisfied to just buy a cute shirt, they shop specialty items both in clothes and make-up. Sound familiar you fashionistas? Apparently according to retailers, they got it going on – way smarter than the previous generations who were just happy to have new clothes. Look – this generation is not just about the internet, they are about Youtube tutorials so come on! They know how to do their own nail art and make their own hair dye. You have to do a lot to intrigue their sense of style. Interestingly, retailers are paying attention. Said

Young Gen Yers like shopping in specialty stores for specific items. Marshal Cohen thinks reaching younger Millennials requires laser-like focus. “With so many retailers and brands trying to court this segment, it becomes very competitive and challenging to win share of younger Millennials’ discretionary, hard-to-come-by spending”

Also, ironically, while there is more online bullying and pressure to be noticed by the “in” crowd, conversely there is a huge focus on anti-bullying and being inclusive or even in some cases being differently cool. This generation is going to change fashion, I predict, forcing retailers to pay attention. Maybe they’ll eventually change the world.