Monday, June 26, 2017

It’s the holidays, everyone is hooking up. Christmas is on the way and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and between the chocolate industry, our coupled friends, and the hallmark franchise, we can all get sold on the “need” to be someone’s sweetheart. But before you get obsessed and then depressed because all of your peers are hooked up for the holidays, focus on being your own best friend. Sometimes it may sound cliche but in order to attract that amazing person, you have to be amazing. And that means being amazing from the inside out. Truly, if you work on your inner beauty, you will attract exactly you are – an amazing, beautiful person. So don’t get obsessed, get in touch. Don’t get down, get grateful. And most of all, be of joy, it’s the holidays and you may not have that special someone but you can be a special someone to all those with whom you come in contact.