Monday, June 26, 2017

Look we all want gloriously long hair. But the rush to look like the magazine cover isn’t always smart. I know so many girls that run out to get hair extensions and don’t even consider the long term issues. So before you do it, just get all the info. Did you know the tracks can cause a kind of alopecia? Did you always know that you can get headaches and suffer permanent hair damage. So if you have fine hair and it just grows to your shoulder, sure you might be tempted but take a look at this before you run out to add the long Kardashian locks. Says ABC News, in addition to possible migraines, baldness can occur:

Neurologist, Dr. Orly Avitzur of Terrytown, N.Y. who is also the medical adviser for Consumer Reports, warns about the dangers of hair extensions, beyond headaches. Avitzur warns about permanent hair damage, and even a kind of baldness called traction alopecia, caused by the pulling and weight of the extensions. ‘I think the risk of baldness, if you start to get hair loss, that’s really my bottom line, then stop immediately.’

I’d rather have short hair than no hair – just sayin’ y’all. Make sure you check out all the facts!