Is your hair sort of limp and not feeling as clean as it should most days? But you are washing it and conditioning as usual so what’s the issue? Before you stick it up in a “I’m having yet another bad hair day top bun” consider that it might be shampoo buildup. Oh yeah that is not just a term made up by Neutrogena advertisers to scare the curl right out of your hair. It’s a real issue. Or… You may be washing your hair wrong, too much or too little, or not switching up the shampoo enough. Your hair can get rebellious too you know. You have to treat your hair like the diva it belongs to. Below are a couple of culprits causing your dull, lifeless hair or the residue buildup.

Not Enough Rinse – Seriously  you may be rushing and not getting your hair soaked in water enough. Really rinse it. Soak and lather.

Shampooing the ends – DON’T. The same applies to the roots when it comes to conditioner.

Washing too often or too little – If your hair is dry you may be washing too much and if it’s oily you may need to add some washing into the routine.

The Dreaded Residue Build up – This is a the big #1 complaint. There is an easy fix. Either purchase a clarifying shampoo to wash with for a few days or simply switch it up. Use a different shampoo and conditioner. It almost always does the trick.

Try these fixes. I promise you will be flipping your hair or whipping it back and forth as one Willow Smith so famously said. Happy hair days ahead…



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