Monday, June 26, 2017

I remember my mom combing my hair as a kid and she would tug and pull because it was so tangled. Especially because I was a big swimmer and the chlorine did a number on my thick curly hair. So if my mom had this option, I would have been a much happier kid! Even now as an adult, my hair is often kinked and tangled. There are some good detanglers on the market. Good as in they work but they are full of toxic chemicals which I’d rather avoid. But I found this great recipe and not only is it do-it-yourself but it smells good.

All you need is a spray bottle and a couple of essential oils which you can buy at any health food store. Put about 6–8 drops of lavender oil in the spray bottle, add Rosemary. Rosemary, by the way, is very good for your hair as it soothes the scalp and it promotes hair growth. Spray on damp hair. This is a leave in conditioner/detangler so that’s it!