Monday, June 26, 2017

A lot of girls I know stay pretty neutral when reacting because they say smiling and laughing causes wrinkles. Now I know that is super vain and sounds so shallow but ask your girlfriends, a lot of girls think this. Since I love to laugh I thought I  would do some investigating. Quite honestly I wouldn’t have cared because laughing is so good for your health but here is what I found. According to Dr. Anthony Rossi, a dermatologist at Sloan Kettering, as reported by Time Magazine: 

Whether you’re talking, scowling or smiling, a groove forms on your skin the moment you move one of your facial muscles. ‘For example, forehead grooves are horizontal because our forehead muscle pulls up.’ But don’t blame your smile. The real culprit is your skin’s diminishing elasticity. Rossi calls the biological changes that hurt your skin’s rebound abilities ‘intrinsic aging.’

Ahah!! So smile you vain b*tches. Life is too short. And BTW wouldn’t you rather be healthy on the inside than be upset a few wrinkles! Wait don’t answer that…