Did you know you can make your own lip balms at home? It’s pretty easy. And you can assure that there are no weird chemicals in the gloss you use every day on your mouth. Also great if you have young girls who just starting to dabble in make up.

So I had heard of a great chocolate balm and I came across this recipe. It’s really easy too. This will make you a little bit. You can save in pill cases or little glass rounds that you can find at makeup stores or even in old eye shadow cases that you empty and wash out.

You will need:

1T beeswax
2T apricot kernel oil
1T cocoa butter
6 chocolate chips

Melt together. If you put in a glass jar and put the jar in a boiling pan with about a 1/4 cup of water and bring to boil, it will melt nicely.

Then add 5 drops of Vanilla and finish with oil from 3 vitamin E capsules. (You just break them open). You can also substitute peppermint instead of vanilla.

It makes 4 .25 oz. You will love this. The flavor isn’t overwhelming and it has a lovely aroma. And the gloss is good! Have fun and get creative!


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