Recently dairy substitutes and alternatives have been in the news. With more and more young people going vegan for health and for humanitarian reasons, I thought it was important to investigate. Here’s the issue though – and I know of which I speak because I was a vegan for many years and am back on the vegan train – you have to be careful with subs! Now most people go the soy alternative route but guys, soy, especially too much, is actually NOT great for you and in some cases can upset your stomach more than dairy. Here are my suggestions below.

Cheese – I say go the Daiya route. Avoid the Tofu cheeses if you can. And honestly you only want to eat SUB stuff when you absolutely have to but if you want a grilled cheese – DAIYA. It’s gluten and soy free. And in a grilled cheese, not so much by itself, it is amazing. Cook it in the pan the way you would a grilled cheese and then when the bread is all brown and toasty, stick the sandwich in the microwave for 10 seconds. Holy, holy that is good!

For milk or cream subs – go coconut, almond or rice. Again, avoid the soy alternatives if you can. It messes with your hormones. It really it isn’t great. And check the labels when you pick an almond milk or creamer. It should not have a whole bunch of chems.

Ice Cream – RICE cream or again coconut or almond ice cream, really good. I also had a good ice cream alternative at Yogurtland which was yummy. Or Sorbet is always an option. Here is where you can get creative.

Butter – These aren’t  great because of chemicals. But Earth Balance has a dairy free, soy free alternative. If you are cooking, just use coconut oil or olive oil. But again if you need the butter, Earth Balance is a good choice.

Dairy free is the bomb y’all! If you have dairy issues, eliminating it will make you feel sooooo much better. But just do it smart people!



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