Monday, June 26, 2017

Want to steal some fashion tips from your celeb faves? Maybe you want to revamp your wardrobe to be fashioned after Taylor Swift’s classic style? Or perhaps you are a little more of a risk taker like Zendaya or a free bird like Vanessa Hudgens. Maybe you like a little of all of it. Below are some must have staples so you can “steal” any look and fashion your style after your fave celeb.

Taylor Swift Classic


Lately Taylor looks more like 50 Shades than Jackie O’ but if you were a fan of her classic Rhode Island beach look, you will need at least one navy or black and white striped 3/4 sleeve top (easy-peasy at Old Navy), one red pencil skirt or A-line mini skirt, and a nude pump. Oh and don’t forget the classic Keds and Jackie O’ scarfs so you can look like you are avoiding the paps.



You have to have a super futuristic pantsuit – she like these. And you must have the full skirt with half top and lastly, a the big colored shoe boot or pump. She is cool, feminine sophistication – with an edge. Say all that three times!

Vanessa Hudgens


For this style, just think “music festival”. Flowers in your hair, long hippie beach skirts and the occasional floppy hat, long beach hair and short-shorts, you are in!