Monday, June 26, 2017

Coachella (the famous music festival) was in April this year. Obviously since it takes place in a very warm part of the country, Indio, CA, in the desert, I thought you might want to “steal” some trends right out from under your fave celebs. Create your own celeb inspired summer look. Not all of us get to wear halters, midriff baring shirts and daisy dukes all year-round like the Kardashians. However it’s fun when we can. So when summer finally does arrive after a long winter, you want to look as hot and on trend as possible. Here are some big trends that came from this years Coachella Festival.


Braids were the biggest trend that came out of Coachella this year. Every was wearing them. Either one thick braid and worn like a side pony or several braids starting from the top of your head all the down. This is Leona Lewis from her Instagram:


Metallic Lipsticks and LIPS

Many Celebs Focused on Lip Color… Lipsticks and lips were such a big trend this year that Katie Perry even debuted her knew lipstick line. And obviously other celebs wearing metallic colors. Kylie Jenner… Need I say more. Lips are on trend. No muted colors this summer y’all!


Head Scarves…

gigi-hadid-coachella2Not sure how I feel about this trend as I think most people can’t pull it off. But if you are a boho hippie chick and you love your long locks, this may work. Also it’s a good quick fix for humid days on the East Coast in the dog days of summer.