Why is everyone all excited about Bulletproof coffee? Well first it’s buttery, frothy coffee. Literally buttery coffee – so it is good! If you like black then it’s not for you. But that isn’t the only reason. The company claims, you will burn fat, lose weight and have more energy than ever. Well you will probably drink more coffee than ever because it’s good. So UM YEAH you will have more energy. You might lose weight because your heart is going five beats faster than before the coffee. But other than that – does it work? I have no idea. Some say it does. But there are no studies, just a bunch of claims. And if you have a stomach issue, probably not the best choice. But if you like coffee, give it a try. It’s good!! I know that much. As far as weight loss elixir, not sure if it’s going to eliminate inches from your waist.


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