Have you heard of the new trend for weight loss, good skin and overall health? Yep it’s bone broth. I feel like my grandmother could have been a millionaire if this is the case. But Hollywood is talking and you know what happens when celebs get on board. So apparently it aids in weight loss and it has collagen which helps your skin! Who knew?! I made fun of it last week but this week, shh, it’s on my to but list. Look, it promotes weight loss and healthy skin and it’s just some old soup made of beef bones, heck I’m trying it.

All the haters are saying what I said, “It’s soup. It’s beef stock!”

But according to The Guardian, there are subtle differences:

Doubters may think rebranding stock as “bone broth” is a case of semantics. But there are subtle differences between the two. US cooking site The Kitchn says that stock is traditionally unseasoned (until you’re ready to use it), while broth is seasoned not only with salt, but sometimes spices and a dash of wine. Bone broth takes much longer than stock, too.

But yeah, that’s my granny’s beef and vegetable stock. So OK, maybe she knew something I didn’t!


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