Love the way Selena Gomez pulls off that perfect boho hairstyle after a weekend concert or how Vaness Hudgens pulls off messy hair ala Coachella as if she wasn’t even trying? Well there is a method to the madness you all! Messy is a skill. bedhead chic is actually a process. Unkempt beauty takes a lot of effort. It takes time to look like you just rolled out of bed and wasn’t even trying. But here is a really easy boho style for long hair. This one is great in a pinch.

Messy Side Braid

So this braid looks like you don’t care but you are still so beautiful Create a side part. So now French braid pr fish tail your hair all the way down the side, super tight. Then take a thin comb and tug a few pieces to loosen the braid and give it a mussed look.

It’s not easy being the girl next door!


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